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This site is dedicated to the Memory of Ensign Harold J. Ellison, A-V (N) USNR, a Naval Aviator of Torpedo Squadron Eight who flew off the USS Hornet at the Battle of Midway in June 1942 and to all the crew members who served aboard the DD864 for over 38 years. During her time in service over 3000 men served her with pride. We hope that in the near future we who have survived the years may get to see another USS H.J. Ellison commissioned and continue serving the Greatest Country and Navy in the World. As you scroll the site I hope you enjoy what we have assembled for you, the Greatest Sailors in the world. We will build on this site with your help by sending us stories and photo's of the past and what is transpiring with you today. This site is also dedicated to all those who served in whatever service they selected. Who ever reads this should should take a moment and give thanks to all that served our country in war or peace to make this country the greatest in the world. To all those who have been taken from us and to all of us who are still here we offer you a heartful thanks.


Bill GormleyWe all wish to thank Bill Gormley 52-54 who in 1989 started what we have today, the H.J.Ellison DD-864 Association. Bill served the Association for eight years and in his retirement as President was still there to help.

In June, 2008 Bill Gormley passed away after a brief illness at the age of 76. Those who were lucky enough to have known him will always remember the great person he was and we thank him for all his dedication in forming the USS Harold J. Ellison Association.


I want to thank all hands who contributed to this web site.
We will need your help in the future to keep building on to this site.
Start your journey thru the "HAPPY JACK" and we hope you enjoy the cruise...

Ken Moore RD3 53-54