Ensign Harold J. Ellison

ENS. Harold J. Ellison
ENS. Harold J. Ellison
(photo courtesy Naval Archives)

ENS. Harold J. Ellison (left) A-V(N) USNR
and Frank Carnerio (right) SEA1c
(photo courtesy Mark Horan)

Frank Carnerio did not fly with ENS Ellison at Midway, as he was sent to gunnery or radio school on 28 May. Ellison got to pick the one guy to go,
and he selected his gunner
because he didn't think
they were coming back.

ENS. Harold J. Ellison (left)

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(actual Naval Transcript)


29 July 1943


Re: Service of


1917 Jan 17 Born in Buffalo, New York


1941 Mar 4 Enlisted as Seaman second class at the Naval Reserve Aviation Base, Brooklyn, New York

Mar 4 Transferred to the U.S. Naval Reserve Aviation Base, Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York

Mar 31 Transferred to the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida

Apr 3 Issued a Good Discharge, under honorable conditions, as Seaman second class from the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, to accept appointment as Aviation Cadet


1941 Apr 4 Accepted appointment and executed oath of office as Aviation Cadet in the U.S. Naval Reserve, to rank from 1 April 1941

Apr 4 Reported to the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida for active duty undergoing training

Aug 19 Detached from the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida and reported to the Naval Air Station, Miami, Florida for further active undergoing training. Reported 21 August 1941

Sep 23 Designated Naval Aviator (Heavier-than-air)

Oct 20 Accepted appointment and executed oath of office as Ensign, A-V(N) in the U.S. Naval Reserve, to rank from 6 September 1941. Advanced Carrier Training Group, Atlantic Fleet 9 November 1941, for temporary active duty involving flying under instruction. Upon completion of this temporary duty, reported to Torpedo Squadron EIGHT (U.S.S. Hornet) for active duty involving flying. (No reporting date available)

Education: Pratt Institute School of Fine and Applied Arts

American Defense Medal - 1939 - 1941

PRESIDENTAL UNIT CITATION to Torpedo Squadron EIGHT, of which Ensign Ellison was a member on the occasion for which this squadron was cited

NAVY CROSS: "For extraordinary heroism and distinguished service beyond the call of duty as pilot of Torpedo Squadron EIGHT in the 'Air Battle of Midway', against enemy Japanese forces on June 4 1942. Grimly aware of the hazardous consequences of flying without fighter protection, and with insufficient fuel to return to his carrier, Ensign Ellison, resolutely, and with no thought of his own life, delivered an effective torpedo attack against violent assaults of enemy Japanese aircraft fire. His courageous action, carried out with a gallant spirit of self-sacrifice and a conscientious devotion to the fullfillment of his mission, was a determining factor in the defeat of the enemy forces and was keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service".

Died: Presumtive date, 5 June 1943 (Officially reported missing in action 4 June 1942, when the plane of which he was pilot was shot down by the enemy in the Battle of Midway. In compliance with Section 5 of Public Law 490, as amended, death is presumed to have occured on 5 June 1943).

Place: Pacific area

Cause: Enemy Action

Next of Kin: (Wife), Mrs.Audrey Faye Ellison, Buffalo, New York