Ship Stores

Golf Shirts -Navy-M-XL-w/pocket-$24.00-2XL-$27.00-3XL-$29.00
Golf Shirts-White-M-XL-w/pocket-$22.00-2XL-$25.00-3XL-$28.00
Golf Shirts-Maroon-M-XL-w/pocket-M-XL-$24.00-2LX-$27.00-3LL-$29.00
Denim Shirts- Lt Blue- S-XL$29.00/ Darl Blue S-XL $29.00
2XL add $3.00-3XL add $5.00

Ships name and logo are embroidered on left side of shirt. We have a couple of diferent logos which one is a DD and the other a DD fram. The fram is what the silhouette looked like after 1964.

Grand kids T-Shirts (my grandpa sailed on the USS H.J.Ellison) - $12.00
Sweatshirt-navy-M-XL- $28.00-2XL-$31.00
Hats with logo- navy/white - $16.00

Coahes jackets with snaps M-XL-Navy-$32.00-2XL-$34.00-3XL-$38.00
Coaches jackets with snaps M-Xl-White-$34.00-2XL- $36.00-3XL-$38.00
Microfiber zipper jackets lightweight and winter-
H.J.Ellison DD864 and Logo of DD embroidered on left side-Request Price
Embroidered logo on back of Jacket with Ships name - Request Price

Winter jackets available-Request Price


Add your name on right side and years aboard if desired - $4.50 extra.

Prices do not include shipping-


NEW USS H.J.Ellison Sew on Patches
$5.00 each (actual size shown here)
These can be placed on shirts or jackets
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Mike Raaker

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